Jeremy Goldstein – Attorney Extraordinaire

Jeremy Goldstein recently provided recommendations about employee payments. The New York City lawyer discussed the value of earnings per share and other capability-based earnings. Earnings per share refer to the amount of a firm’s profit that is assigned to a stock. These earnings per share determine a company’s buying and selling potential and the pay they allot to employees. However, there is a down side to this as well. A system based on earnings per share may result in power hoarding by senior management, without corresponding growth in the company. Jeremy Goldstein has suggested that earning based on performance should be consistent with the goals of the firm. This will allow longstanding and continuous growth of an organization.



Mr Goldstein is the founder of Jeremy Goldstein and Associates LLC. The firm primarily deals with employee payment issues and customer advantages as well mergers and acquisitions. They are leaders in the field of investment law and have been providing legal help and advice to corporates for many years.



Jeremy Goldstein has worked with major law firms such as NYSE Group Inc, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz and Daw company. His expertise in handling major dealing between companies is well-known. He has been part of many large banking transactions such as J. P. Morgan Chase and Co. and Bank One Corporation, Bank of America Corporation and FleetBoston Financial Corp, NYSE Group Inc. and Euronext, Sanofi-Synthelabo SA/Aventis SA and Bank of America Corporation and MBNA Corporation. He is a prominent member of the American Bar Association Business Section and heads their Mergers and Acquisitions Committee.



Jeremy Goldstein has been cited by the Legal 500 and Chambers USA Guide as a topmost lawyer. He is a noted author and has published widely in several magazines. He is a board member of the Journal of Law and Business of the New York University. He is frequently invited to speak at public forums. He usually talks and publishes on topics such as stock options, ability-based earnings and employee compensation. He is vocal about his opinions on company governance issues and provides suggestions on how firms can best run their organizations with a good balance of employee as well as stock benefits. He also has a humanitarian side and supports several charitable causes such as Fountain House and Make a Wish Foundation. Fountain House supports individuals suffering from mental disorders and aids their recovery.


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A Cheaper Alternative for Loyal Customers

Securus Technologies, the leading producer of communications solutions for the United States penal system, is currently developing new innovations to its groundbreaking technology in order to better support its patrons. The company has, over the past years, been able to successfully provide inmates and their family members with an interesting and cost-effective way to keep in touch with those that matter to them. Previous creations include a simplistic video chat platform, allowing inmates and their family members to stay in touch without the need of physical visitation. This particular piece of technology placed Securus Technologies on the map, although new updates and increased customer-driven benefits are soon to make this form of communication technology even more robust.


One new benefit that Securus Technologies plans to offer its customers is an even cheaper video chat platform, making it possible for loyal customers who are currently out of work due to poor life choices to save a little extra money every month. This will not only give customers more peace of mind knowing that Securus has their back when it comes to finances, but it also means that those family members who are already under a lot of stress from their current situation can rest assured that not every company is out to “get them”.


Securus Technologies has once again proven, with their ability to decrease their pricing in order to better support their customers, that their business is not completely about making money. The customer is and always will be the focus of their existence, and they will continue to offer better and more innovative communications solutions for their customers in the year to come.


Jeremy Goldstein talks stock option benefits

Companies are beginning to eliminate stock options from employee benefit packages, in response to the unstable and often unpredictable economy. However some employers claim it is to save money and others say its for more complex reasons. Companies have brought up three issues that have convinced them to abandoned stock options. Learn more:


When the stock option value drops, employees will not have the ability to exercise their options. However, corporate accountants are forced to report all associated expenses. This opens up stakeholders to the risk of facing option overhang.


Employees themselves do not trust stock options as compensation. They understand that the options they have could become worthless at anytime. Because of that they see benefits as casino chips, rather than physical cash. Employees believe options only increase the burden on company accountants. The result of options could make any financial benefit empty. Some employees say they would rather have a salary increase instead of the options.


Despite all that, stock options do have benefits. Stock options are easier for employees to understand them. Since options are tied to value of the company, it encourages employees to focus on success of the company, giving them strong reason to make new sales and go the extra mile for current clients. Employee earnings only rise of the shares of the company rise in value. IRS rules have made it more difficult for companies to give employees equities as benefits. Especially when companies have compensation deals in place for top-tier executives.


One man that is very knowledgeable about employee benefits is Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein has become one of New York’s best corporate lawyers. He has over 15 years of experience. Jeremy Goldstein currently runs a law firm in New York, which he established after leaving a previous firm. Jeremy Goldstein has been a key figure in many corporate transactions.

Brazil’s Banco Bradesco CEO Trabuco Says The Bank Will Choose New CEO From Internal Candidates

Brazil’s Banco Bradesco SA’s CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco told reporters on Wednesday that the second largest private bank in Brazil intends to choose its new chief executive officer from the internal executives of the company. Following the resignation of the bank’s former chairman Lázaro Brandão, the Bank will announce the name of the new chief executive officer 30 days before it holds its shareholder assembly that is scheduled for March, 2018.

At 91, Brandao is one of the world’s most prolific bank executives having been the chairman of the bank for 25 years according to He has triggered a succession race at Bradesco when he announced that he will resign and that Trabuco will temporarily replace his position serving as the CEO and chairman until the bank announces a new chairman in March.

Since Brandao joined the company in 1943 as a clerk at only 16 years-old, he has been steadily climbing the ladder of the leadership roles to become the president of the bank and the head of its board of directors on He was one of the two chairmen that the bank has ever had since its inception and four of its chief executive officers, a position that he held until from 1981 to 1999 when Márcio Artur Laurelli Cypriano took over. Cypriano remained in the executive chairmanship position until 2009 when Trabuco took the leadership mantle.

Brandao who holds the number one employee badge at the Osasco-based company told reporters that the bank needs to renew its board so that it fosters continuity. However, he added that he will remain as the leader of the bank’s holding companies and advisor to Bradesco’s shareholders. In an interesting turn of events, Brandao said that will keep the desk that he had been using for the past couple of years as he leaves office.

The company seems to be fostering the culture of promoting internal executives to higher ranks whenever a vacancy arises. The culture was adopted by Brandao and nurtured in Bradesco’s subsidiaries; Trabuco will follow that route.

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Bradesco’s Talent Pool

Although the discussions of the most likely candidates are quite private, some of the seven candidates who are likely to take over as Chief Executive Officer of Bradesco include:

• Mauricio Machado de Minas who is the head of the bank’s IT department. He joined Bradesco in 2009.
• Alexandre da Silva Gluher who is the bank’s chief risk officer. He’s one of the most notable figures during the bank’s acquisition of the $5.2 billion of HSBC Holdings. He joined the bank in 1976.
• Domingos Figueiredo Abreu who is in charge of Bradesco’s treasury and lending departments. He joined the company in 1981.
• Josué Augusto Pancini who is in charge of the bank’s branch network. He has been working at the company since 1975.
• Marcelo de Araujo Noronha who is charge of the company’s corporate and investment banking. He has been at the company since 2003.
• Octavio de Lazari who is responsible for the activities of the banks’ insurance unit. He joined the company in 1978.
• André Rodrigues Cano who is charge of the lender’s human resource department, Cano joined the company in 1977.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the current CEO of Banco Bradesco was born in Marilla in 1951. He began his professional career at Bradesco in 1969 and became director in 1984. He held the position until 1999 when the board elected him to the Vice Presidency position in 1999. Trabuco was later on appointed the chairman of one the company’s subsidiaries called Bradesco Seguros Group in 2003. He stayed in that position for six years before he was elected CEO for Banco Bradesco in 2009.

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The Invention of Knockout Options by Jeremy L. Goldstein for Employees

Jeremy L. Goldstein, founder and associate lawyer at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC has gained notable popularity due to his renowned expertise as a business lawyer. At Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, he and his fellow lawyers offer legal advice for entrepreneurs and investors. Their contributions to businesses have fuelled economic growth and development for their country. He also has experience in corporate and advertising law.


With all his knowledge and experience, Jeremy L. Goldstein has participated actively in fighting for the rights of various employees. Recently, he came up with knockout options for employees in different companies. These knockout options focus on improving the terms put by employees regarding the benefits and allowances that their employers reward them with.


In his attempts to increase how employees are motivated, he improved the number of insurance covers offered to employees. Besides, he impacted on how these workers should plan and save for their retirements. Additionally, Jeremy L. Goldstein’s invention influenced the salaries earned by workers in various institutions.


Because of Jeremy L. Goldstein’s contributions, workers have now gained access to better rewards for their endless efforts. Companies have reduced premium costs on various insurance covers hence enabling them to provide medical care for their families.


Additionally, his new approach has led to the involvement of workers in stock exchange markets of their companies. As of now, companies have implemented these options and are now effective. Many employees have learned the art of dealing in stocks hence increasing the number of shares and investments in the company. Interestingly, employees can now buy stocks while timing market demands greater profits. When market prices for stocks go up, they engage in increased purchases and can even recede from the business when prices go down.


Jeremy L. Goldstein is indeed a champion of successful investments. Besides, he is concerned about the welfare of employees hence increasing their workers’ benefits.


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A Whopping $219,000

The Austin Disaster Relief Network is now privileged to partner with the U.S. Money Reserve in efforts to raise awareness and support for those worst affected by Hurricane Harvey. Their joint efforts have already raised many positive eyebrows, raking in more than $219,000 already, and both teams say the best is yet to come.

Both organizations noted they felt intensely troubled at the very thought of not helping their fellow residents of this beautiful state; they simply had to reach out to offer a hand in this dark time of need. Learn more:


For many Texans, Hurricane Harvey hit close to home, something many will never forget. Disaster response, in any of its applications, usually requires a tremendous financial commitment, and many are quite thankful that these two top companies pitched in however they could, especially with such generous time and monetary commitments. The long-term impact of such a thoroughly selfless contribution hopes to help dozens of lives, if not hundreds. Texas owes both the U.S. Money Reserve and Austin Disaster Relief Network a big round of applause and a heartfelt “thank you”.


The tremendously disastrous August 25 hurricane broke records and made it into the Category 4 Destroyer type. The storm moved in such a slow nature that it thoroughly eradicated everything in its path, one movement at a time. Indeed, Hurricane Harvey took its sweet time, and it did not give its survivors any mercy. In fact, within the very first 24 hours alone, the hurricane “let down its heavenly dew”, leading to a full two feet of hard rain for victims on the ground.


Moreover, when it all peaked on September 1, one-third of Houston entered full immersion. At that point, many considered it an underwater city. The flooding alone forced nearly 40,000 people out of their homes to seek unattainable refuge, however they could. Reporters arrived on the scene just a few days later To amass the damage and the area’s long-winding road to recovery. Yet, the damage had been done, and many saw that it would take years to construct the roads, highways, towns, schools, restaurants, homes and countless other buildings forever torn to the ground. Reconstruction would not be easy.


The U.S. Money Reserve is a protector and provider of precious metals. It’s based in Texas. It champions the cause for all things noble, charitable and good in this world. Its philanthropic efforts are admirable.



Mike Baur solutions to young entrepreneur

Mike Baur is well known as an entrepreneur and successful businessman. He is the CEO and the founding partner of Swiss Start-up Factory. The company that focuses on accelerator programs and innovative startups in business and technology that demonstrate the potential for success. In his current role, he provides mentorship, training and business skills to startup owners. Besides that Mike Baur offers financial advisory services and introduces the business starters to potential lending investors. He has always had the passion for entrepreneurship.

Mike Baur career course started in the Swiss Banking industry but later diverted his attention to Swiss Startup Factory. The company they launched in 2014 with the aim of looking for the thriving digital entrepreneurs. He founded the company together with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister who are actively involved in the operations of the firm.

Swiss Start-up is a Zurich-based company that provides opportunities through their network in Switzerland and across the world. Mike Baur and his team run three months star-up accelerator program that provides an avenue of services, mentoring, office space and coaching through the entrepreneurial network. Swiss Start-up Factory is a private entity and independent which manages early stage ICT Start-up accelerator programs in Switzerland. Since its commencement is has helped young talented and digital entrepreneurs to transform their dreams and ideas into reality.

Mike Baur has more than two decades experience in the finance industry serving with Swiss Bank where he was responsible in various roles including finance and fundraising. His vast experience in finance has made him give quality services to his clients. Mike Baur also worked for UBS and Clariden Leu before establishing his start-up company. Mike has been a member of START Summiteer at the University of St Gallen. He was responsible for launching Think Reloaded that work jointly with Swiss Start-up Factory in the provision of training and mentorship to the entrepreneurs.

In 2016 his company partnered with CTI and Mike Baur was assigned the role of deputy managing director of CTI. Swiss also allied with BV4 in 2016. BV4 weighs inventions, monetary values, and property of the business. Mike Baur has coordinated accelerator programs with Fintech Fusion together with Goldback Group.

With passion in entrepreneurship, Mike Baur spend most of his time mentoring and supporting Swiss youth through Swiss Start-up initiative. He is also a director and joint founder of Swiss Start-ups Association. Mike holds an MBA from New York University of Rochester and MBA from the University of Berne.


Securus Technologies – Innovating New Technologies for Correctional Industry

Securus Technologies was established in the year 1986, and the company had one aim from the very beginning to modernize the incarceration experience for the inmates. The company offers a broad range of products and services today that has made the lives of prisoners easier and given the law enforcement officers a technology to have the upper hand over the criminals. As the crime rate across the country continues to soar and the communities become more and more unsafe, it has become important for the law enforcement agencies to become more vigilant and use the latest investigative technology to protect the people and make the communities safer.

Technology is playing a very significant role in the correctional industry today as it helps the inmates to communicate safely and securely with the outside world while also giving the law enforcement officers with the technology tools that are helping them keep the communities safe. The investigative technology and solutions offered by Securus Technologies assist the law enforcement agencies to get the crucial information needed from the communication network that helps them to act swiftly in case of any report of violence or crime. Such technology helps in keeping criminals in check and ensures that the crime rate is controlled and kept low as much as possible.

Securus Technologies’ Chief Executive Officer, Rick Smith, said that the primary aim of the company is to focus on bringing new technology into the inmates’ communication as well as the law enforcement agencies. He added that the company seeks to develop new age technology that is unique, efficient, and economical so that people, as well as companies, can use them without feeling the economic burden. I have been using the services of Securus Technologies for a long time and feel that it is one of the most advanced services available in the correctional sphere at the moment.



Sip And Savor Success With Traveling Vineyard

It is a full-time job to be a mother. Unfortunately, it does not end up paying your bills. This is the reason why most mothers continually seek more business deals to keep them paying their bills. For this reason, they are now into working to sustain their money needs as they continue to sustain their motherhood. The Traveling Vineyard Company is one of the best companies that are now getting the attention of most lactating mothers in the United States. This is a company that is seeking mothers as well as anyone who is interested. It is a company that seeks to enhance the careers of most mothers with extensive and flexible hours as a sales consultation. When you work for the company, you get the time to spend with new and old friends while sampling wines.

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If you are a mom who is looking to enhance your career in the corporate world, the following questions are there for you to ask yourself. Would you appreciate the fact that you will get a flexible working schedule? If you had no daily commutes, how much would you accomplish? Would you be distracted working in a business office setting? You are a perfect candidate to work for the Traveling Vineyard Company if it was easy for you to answer the questions stated above.

It is easy to become a wine guide for the Traveling Vineyard Company based in the United States. All you need to do is to purchase a Success Kit that costs about $99. This is a kit that includes order forms, marketing materials, and business brochures. You test a set of $75. You will receive an order at a party of you sell more than $150 for your customers. In this case, your only investment is your initial investment with the company. You will receive a rebate of $50 if you sell more than $1,400 during the first eight weeks of your work. At this point, you are looking to invest an amount that does not exceed $125. For all your monthly sales, you will earn a 15 – 35 percent depending on your sales as commission.

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Rubica Restores Cyber Security and Avoids Ransomeware

In order to answer the important question of why cyber security is important, many IT specialists would affirm that since cyber-threats are becoming an increasing threat, it has become essential to strengthen and increase cyber security. Investors armed with correct information will be better protected from ransomware attacks than those who do not try to arm themselves with the right information. The WannaCry cyber-attacks that hit several systems in May 2017, which held approximately 300,000 computers hostage in well more than 150 countries.


More frequent and growing ransomware attacks make cyber security an important consideration. Not being attacked is highly unlikely over time. These devastating cyber security attacks have resulted in companies having to face financial losses of hundreds of billions of dollars as well as possible intellectual property which can be even more valuable. Only counting the financial side, the financial loss figure might be as great as six trillion dollars per year in 2021 and moving forward if nothing is done to stop it. In considering other kinds of losses, Cybersecurity attacks often become a serious threat not only finances but to possibly losing or disclosing information of great value and even risking personal cyber security breaches. United States presidents, including current President Donald J. Trump and former President Barack H. Obama, have also increased national cyber security budgets, as they understand its importance. The present, as well as the future of cyber security, depends on determining adequate funds for a cyber defense system that works. Personal cyber security depends on individuals taking preventative measures as well as companies, and even governments that understand the importance of dedicating funds to make cyber security more powerful and effective, are determined to make it a safer reality for all individuals, entities, and governments in the future.

The Rubica app is able to offer effective personal cyber security and additionally, privacy protection that covers your cyber security. Rubica removes complexity and elevated costs pertaining to personal cyber security. With Rubica, individuals have protection against ransomware trying to acquire personal information for their financial gains.


Rubica simplifies cyber security on smartphones, computers, as well as tablets. Rubica is focused on restoring a safe digital universe.