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About the Game

Free Online Western Text MMORPG.

Welcome to Outlaw Frontier, a western themed text rpg.

These are the days where the law of the land is ruled by the fastest gun. Make your fortune by taking what you want from other players or bring them in for a reward. Live off the land and make a name for yourself. It is your land and your laws.

Each outlaw controls their own legend, are you up to the challenge? Make sure you are ready for showdowns and glory in the online text rpg game Outlaw Frontier.

Outlaw Frontier is a free to play online text rpg.

Latest News

Horses Added
Horses have been added to the game. You can now purchase a horse and use it to get to new locations.
Posted Wed Jun 30 10:30:00 2010

Melee Weapons Added
3 melee weapons have been added to the game. Whip, Axe, and Bowie Knife. A melee weapon will be required in some missions.
Posted Fri July 16 15:00:00 2010

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