Securus Technologies Finding Fugitives Faster

When me and my team of fugitive hunters are on the case, we know that every second the suspect is on the loose could put another innocent person at risk of injury. The suspect that we were chasing today had a very violent history and was the kind of person who would stop at nothing to stay out of jail. These are the most dangerous type suspects because when cornered, that will use force to get what they want.


The biggest issue we had with this particular fugitive was that he had no family or friends to help in his hiding, so we really had no leads or anyone who we could contact for help. With the trail running cold, I raced to the prison to see if i could find anything that would help point me in the right direction and get this suspect off the streets.


At the prison, I was informed by the staff that Securus Technologies had installed a new inmate call monitoring system and the officers were being trained on it that week. I decided to listen in and see if this could be a resource we could use in our search for fugitives. I began to get excited when I discovered how powerful this call system could be. Listening to CEO Rick Smith, he says he and all of his employees all work towards making the world that much safer for us all. Over one thousand employees and over two thousand systems in the prisons around the country just confirmed my suspicions.


Once we began monitoring the calls, it wasn’t long before an inmate was discovered talking to family about doing the right thing. Apparently this inmate was going to be rewarded for aiding the fugitive, and he was simply checking in to see if his family was harboring the fugitive until things calmed down.


See Kim Dao Get Injected On Video

But before you watch Kim Dao get injected, here is some background information for those readers who are unfamiliar with Dao. Dao is a Vietnamese vlogger who was is from Perth, Australia. She is nearly-famous for her YouTube channel and self-titled beauty blog. Learn more:


Kim Dao is Vietnamese. Following her high school graduation, she studied at the University of Western Australia. She earned a degree in Japanese and psychology.


She is fascinated with the subject of beauty. The majority of Dao’s posts demonstrate that. She focuses on presenting her audience with vlogs, lookbooks and beauty tutorials, lookbooks, and vlogs.


In one YouTube video, she undergoes a special skin treatment injection. Before airing the treatment process itself, she admits that she has never previously had one of these treatments. Without any makeup, she takes a taxi to her appointment. Learn more:


Once there, Dao converses with a consultant. The consultant gives her with a number of different beauty product samples. She is told that every one of the clinic’s clients receives this bag.


Dao has forgotten her adapter. She is pleasantly surprised, however, when she sees that the sample bag includes a new one. She speaks to the adviser.


The adviser informs her that there is a specific treatment for her dry skin. She is then escorted to another room where her skin is photographed. This will help in further determining the very best treatment for her skin type. Learn more:


Dao has a complete consultation. After that, she is led into another room and her treatment begins. Finally, Dao’s treatment is complete and she seems to have a fresher complexion.





Bumble Changing The Way We Connect

For so many years, dating apps have focused primarily on getting as many users on their dating platforms to help make more revenue and spread awareness. The best part about dating online is the easy access to people. Bumble is changing the way they are operating and creating business. They are about to open up a new space in New York for dates to be setup. Bumble is creating and calling it, The Hive.

It is going to be a month-long installment to be a place for dates, Bumble get togethers, and anyone who wants to jump in and get closer to the brand in real life. With Bumble couches, sofas, chairs, tables, and everything in between, its unique flavor helps set itself apart from the world. The space is beautiful and known for giving people that relaxed mood which can be perfect for dates.

A physical location is a great way to help humble the users and bring people to the forefront of meeting. Many dating apps are usually still very taboo, but Whitney Wolfe wanted to build something of a real location and really give that genuine place. People are proud to be a part of Bumble.

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This location is giving people who aren’t exactly looking to date a place to connect. BumbleBizz is another version as an extension of this app, and it is the place to give those looking to network and meet.

The brand new app, Bumble BFF, is also making a change within the brand. Bumble BFF allows for ordinary people to look specific for new best friends as opposed to dates. Bumble BFF is very straight forward and people should use it at their own risk, but the general consensus is that the app is meant to help create more friendships and give people that chance to meet more people without it possibly ending up as a date.

Making friends has never been easier with this new app. Even BumbleBizz is a success because of how well you can network. Bumble clearly is paving the way for bringing the world together one swipe at a time.

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Sheldon Lavin Talks About The Benefits Of Working With The OSI Group

Does the OSI Group name sound familiar to you? Maybe you’ve never heard of them, but you’ve certainly tasted their food in a restaurant or a store, especially if you eat fast food regularly. The OSI Group is multinational. Steadily shipping ingredients to more than thirty nations worldwide. It is a provider quality processed food, fresh meat, natural ingredients, and all kinds of ingredients and components to restaurants, food companies and other providers as well in many distinct countries. The OSI Group is certainly one of the biggest providers of pork, poultry, vegetables, eggs, and, of course, raw meat.

The CEO and Chairman Sheldon Lavin is part of the reason why the company is doing better than ever. They provide great products and natural ingredients which are used in the entire globe. They have a focus on delivering fast and quality components to accelerate the process of managing a restaurant.

Much like the other co-founder of the firm, David McDonald, Sheldon Lavin does not understand much about culinary, or at least he didn’t before joining the company. The partners have a lot of knowledge in running a business though, which has allowed them to skyrocket in the food market, being one of the most common food providers today.

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The Group is certainly not a stranger for people who work in the food industry. They are major providers for countries like China and almost the entire Latin America. They were important contributors for the Olympic Games that took place in the Chinese territory.

According to the President of the OSI Group, David McDonald, hundreds of employees, more than 20,000 professionals, and partners are continuously working and improving the company. That is the main reason why the attendance and delivery are so fast, no matter where the client is situated: They have roots all around the globe and means of transportation for all continents.

Sheldon Lavin, CEO of the enterprise, has more than 43 years of working in the industry, as an investor, but he was previously more acknowledged with working with banks. However, the investor joined the other co-founder as they both realized that the niche was not being fulfilled by another brand. Daniel McDonald and Sheldon Lavin are now two of the most successful entrepreneurs in the entire world, and they serve as study material for young people who want to enter the world of business according to

End Citizens United in The Future of U. S. Politics

End Citizens United is a political action group that was formed in order to make the supreme court pass an amendment to their decision called ”Citizens United” hence the name of the committee. The political group of End Citizen United had the goal of raising enough money to pass the amendment. The team managed to collect over the course of the first three months of 2017 over 4 million. According to experts the political group of End Citizen United will be able to fundraise about 35 million until the congress elections in the following year of 2018. That amount of money is considerably larger than the sum that the group fundraised in the election season of 2016. Over the course of the first few months of 2017, the political action group of End Citizen United was able to get about $100 000 contributors who were in support of their cause.


End Citizen United is in support of the Democratic party. In 2016 eleven candidates had the active political support of the group. Recently End Citizen United donated $500 000 to the campaign of Democrat Jon Ossoff. His political campaign is congressional. Democrat Jon Ossoff became a candidate for the first time for the state of Georgia. Jon Ossoff has been able to fundraise over 4 million in order to support the special election that took place on the 18th of April this year.


End Citizen United has the experienced leadership of Mrs Tiffany Muller and Mr Jody Murphy. Mrs Tiffany Muller used to occupy the position of deputy political director of the campaign of Senate Democrat. Mrs Muller stated that the legislative committee is still evaluating the races in which it will take part over the course of the next year 2018. She also added that End Citizen United might take part in supporting a few Democratic senates such as Mr Jon Tester of Montana and Mr Sherrod Brown of the state of Ohio.


The political action group End Citizen United was originally formed with the purpose of reversing the decision Citizen United made by the supreme court seven years ago in 2010. The political committee operates as a conventional political action group, which means that it can no accept gifts and donations that are over $5000 made by an individual donor. In spite of that limitation End Citizen United has been doing well enough to be included among the highest ranks of political action groups that are in support of the Democratic party in 2016. The spokesman of End Citizen United spoke about the connections that the political committee has been able to establish, both with its many donors and through the people who have supported by giving their signature.

Good Things to Know About CTRMA

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is an organisation that is independent of the government, and its focus is on improving the transit system in Central Texas. The CTRMA has been noted for building toll roads such as U. S. 290 East and 183-A which was one of the first projects of The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority as a whole.

The CTRMA was created in 2002. The organisation operates independently from the government of Texas, and it does not have taxing authority. The CTRMA started with no assets, but through the completion of the project after project, it has reached assets that amount to almost $2 billion. There is a total of 21 employees at the CTRMA.

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority has a Board that consists of seven members. Three of them are appointed as part of the board by the Travis County Commissioners Court and the other three – by the Williamson County Commissioners Court. The chairman of the board of the CTRMA is appointed by the Texan governor.

Toll roads are not the only ting that the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is dedicated to. The organisation has developed free mobile apps, and it also offers assistance for stranded motorists and vehicles. The organisation is the one running e Highway Emergency Response Operator, or HERO for short. The operating ground of the operator is Interstate 35 and U. S. 183.

According to Biz Journals, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority put out the app called Metropia as well as a ridesharing app. Metropia gives real-time incentives to people and encourages them to travel at off-peak times of the day. It tells them what route to take in order to get to their destination on time. Both Metropia and the ridesharing app have the purpose of alleviating traffic and lessen the exhaust fumes by sharing rides.

The executive director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is Mr Mike Heilingenstein. The authority pays their executive director almost twice as much as the Texas Department of Transportation pays their chief.

The Central Texas, Regional Mobility Authority, stepped in during the time when the traffic on North MoPac Boulevard became a nightmare. They set a project in motion which will be open in November. The relief plan features a toll lane that will go on for eleven miles. It is located along the inside median on both sides of North MoPac Boulevard. This project cost $200 million.

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The American Attorney and businessman, Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is an icon in the investment sector in the United States of America. Through his professional life at Oxford University and Columbia law school, he managed to gain necessary skills in law and investments.

Currently, Sam Tabar is a licensed attorney, working as a Senior Associate at Schulte Roth, Zabel. He also works as an adviser at Merrill Lynch Bank. His commitments and a greater knowledge of the law and financed have significantly impacted on his profile as an investor.

Throughout his life, he has managed to establish various companies and businesses in the New York City.He managed to offer support to the society by engaging individuals on his suited plans that aimed at improving the image of the community.

According to Art Station, Sam Tabar believes that his community is unique regarding his business models regarding cooperation and willingness to offer him with various supports. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

To showcase his strategies, Sam Tabar established the Tribute and SheThinxCompany as a form of obligation to the society. This company mainly focuses on promoting the sanitation of girls and women by providing sanitary products. The products of the business mainly focus on the technological aspects of handling menstrual occurrences in women.

As a matter of facts, he also participated in enlightening and offered the community with necessary investments and legal skills. Other than being a known American investor, Sam Tabar is also best known for being a socialite. He currently owns more than five social networks through which he meets and educates most of his clients.

His Facebook account has gained more viewers over a period purposely after he latterly changed the background profile picture in remembrance of his late father. He mostly referred to his father as a Cowboy. It was reported when he featured in an interview with Forbes.

In his recent post on Facebook, he humbly accepted that; indeed he misses his dad a lot. He cannot forget the fun and best moment they had together.

Similarly, both his Instagram and tweeter account are often updated with inspirational images and video posts. The luxurious lifestyle he has is a real assurance that his investments are profitable.

Jason Hope: A Philanthropist Who Believes In The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope is a futurist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist with a strong belief in The Internet of Things (IOT). The concept of The Internet of Things is that any device with an on and off switch will or should at some point be connected to the Internet. This includes coffee makers, washing machines, headphones, cellphones, lamps, or anything else you can think of that can be turned on and off. If these are connected, it makes it much easier to access them or turn them on and off.

As futurist, Jason helps companies and builds companies that make technologies by predicting what the their target market will be interested in at a future time. This helps him to come up with technology ideas that are revolutionary and that beat out the competition before it ever had a chance.

Jason Hope donates a lot of his time and profits to charitable causes and organizations. One of these is the SENS foundation, which is on a mission to fight age-related diseases through the use of rejuvenation bio-technologies. Jason Hope donated $500,000 to SENS and believes that their work will revolutionize healthcare. He also has supported the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter, The Tony Hawk Foundation, the Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, True Colors Fund, The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, The Andre Agassi Foundation, Family Health International, Teach for America Phoenix, T Gen Foundation, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, the Arizona Science Center, and the International Foundation for Education and Self Help.

Jason Hope earned his finance degree from Arizona State University, and his MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. He believes in supporting education and has started his own fund where offers grants to college students and seniors in high school who have technology ideas that they just need a jumpstart to get going.